Highway GSM SOS (ECB-Emergency Calling System)

This GSM based emergency calling system is used at Highways, Toll Plaza, and School bus during emergency incidents. User can push emergency call button placed on the SOS System, the call will be initiated to the control room and authorize persons can receive alert message with address on mobile phone. Thus it become helpful during emergency occurs.


  • Inbuilt battery backup with battery low  indication (Optional)
  • 5 No.Telephone Auto Dialer.
  • SMS programming.
  • Industrial microchip technology with updated features.


Alert Type- Call, SMS & Hooter



  • On national highways.
  • An emergency system.
  • School Bus
  • College campus, crowded area.                                                           
  • GSM-GPS application.
  • Toll Plaza


Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Type Highway GSM SOS
Material Metalic
Condition New
Battery Included Yes
Application National Highways
Brand Jyoti Telecom